The 'Vivai Torre' Nurseries, founded in 1945 in Milazzo (Sicily), headed today by the Agricultural Engineer and Botanist Giancarlo Torre together with his family, picking up the legacy of three generations united by the love for plants. A research long seventy years that has ensured the success of a farm unique on its kind: modern, constantly evolving and driven by the dedication of the botanist and farmer, rather than the nursery trader. They deal with constantly research and introduction of plants from all over the world, their selection and multiplication as well as selling to lovers of green and farms or nurseries in Italy and abroad.
The main activities are focused in selection of exotic fruit plants cultivable in the Mediterranean area (Mango, Avocado, Annona, Litchi etc.), as well as rare and unusual plants, ornamental, medicinal and useful, of tropical and subtropical climates.
A great effort is also directed to preservation of biodiversity and conservation of native species and local varieties, with particular attention paid to the prevention of the spread of invasive plants.
The farm covers an area of more than five hectares between shading nets, cold greenhouses and a large area used as a Botanical Garden, full of large specimens, fruit trees, rarities and curiosities.
Agricultural and botanical knowledge, passion for the green and the results of continuous field studies are always available to the public and anyone who wishes to contact them for advice on cultivation, the design of green areas or for talks about the difficult art of growing plants.
Claiming today a catalogue of nearly two thousand species, difficult to find on the market and in traditional nurseries, plants of all sizes, seeds and young seedlings are supplied directly in the nursery or through a quick delivery system. All the productions are cultivated in pots, sown or multiplied in the same farm. The quality and the health of each plant is certified and these are grown organically and without any forcing, taking advantage of the latest technologies and agricultural techniques aimed to reduce energy, water and materials consumption, while ensuring the highest quality for the species produced.


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